Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Up and Down

Weight Today 200.5
 Weight Lost Past 7 days 2.5
Total Weight Loss: 15
Rate of Loss: 3.09/week
All the celebration over the past two days for being under 200 and today was an “UP” day and the 200’s are back!! I’m trying not to get bummed about it because it turns around again fairly quickly. I haven’t had the plateau’s like in my previous weight loss attempts where the plateaus would last for weeks, and even months. I watched some videos and did some reading on some Low Carb sites and it explains this phenomenom and it says your tape measure is a better indicator of weight loss than the scale. It has been shown that insulin resistant people like me are lacking in a number of nutrients because our body cannot absorb enough of them from the food we eat. When we start eating low carb, our body can now absorb these nutrients and starts making new body tissue instead of fat. These little gains are likely new tissue being formed. I will take their word on it as they are the experts. I’m just following the guidelines. I know that I did not eat 4500 calories yesterday, which would be what I needed to do in order to gain 1.5 pounds overnight. So the scale is no friend to anybody. It lies!

Tonight for dinner I decided to try “breading” my pork chops with pork rinds. I had read on one of the blogs that you can crush them to make a coating for chops, chicken, casseroles, etc. I used my Magic Bullet to crush them up and I must say they had a really funky odor that to me was quite off-putting. I seasoned them with a bunch of spices, like garlic, onion, steak seasoning, chili powder, etc. and mixed it up good. I beat an egg up and dipped the chops into the pork rind breading. I put them on a rack and baked them. The end result? I’m glad they were on a wire rack because the coating stuck. The taste? Meh, I wasn’t sold on it. It was just okay. I think it needed a lot more spice than what I put in. The second, I think they got ground too fine and next time I will just crush them and see how that goes.

Today’s Totals
Calories: 1189 Fat 101g; Carbs 16, Protein 58g
Percentages: Fat 75; Carbs 5%; Protein 19%

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