Sunday, October 16, 2016

So Close!

Weight Today 200.5
 Weight Lost Past 7 days 3.5
Total Weight Loss: 15
Rate of Loss: 3.39/week
I’ve been reading how coconut oil can help in your week loss and that it can help accelerate it. After my six day stall I was starting to get really bummed so went out and bought a jar of it. I have decided to start my morning routine with a cup of Bullet Proof Coffee. It actually doesn’t taste bad and I like it much more than the Glucerna drinks I had in the beginning. Besides, they had far too many carbs to be on Ketogenic diet.

Bulletproof Coffee

12 ounces of Coffee
1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil
1 oz of full cream
Optional: I added 2 equal tablets

Put in a blender and blend until the oil is emulsified. It created a nice foam on top of my java as well.

Calories 189: Fat 21g; Carbs 1g; Protein 1g
Percentages: Fat 96; Carbs 2%; Protein 2%
This looks like a really easy way to up the fat percentage of my diet and it tasted pretty good too.
I have read a lot about people on a low carb diet suffering from insomnia. I find that quite interesting because I have had the exact opposite. I have also read that diabetics with fluctuating blood sugars at night will HAVE insomnia. That might explain my 20 years battle with insomnia, but according to all the articles I have read, it seems to indicate that low carb diets also contribute to insomnia. I don’t know what it is, but the moment I cut my carbs I slept. I go to bed and fall asleep. For twenty plus years I have tried everything, and I mean everything! Cutting out caffeine, exercising, not exercising, turning off the TV and electronics, making the room dark, with no light, drinking milk, eating turkey, melatonin, meditation, visualization, counting, flexing and relaxing muscles, sleep machines, rain drops, white noise and every other color of noise, soft music, sleep music, brain wave music, ASMR, sleeping pills, and lastly, marijuana. Can you believe that sleeping pills do not put me to sleep? My dentist could not put me out with conscious sedation. I know you don’t go out, but it didn’t work. Marijuana worked but I did not want to be using it. I would end up going 3 – 4 days without sleep and would be almost deliriously psychotic and would end up in Emergency half out of my mind. The nurses would always look at my poor long-suffering husband and say, “This poor woman needs to sleep!” For a time, they prescribed off-label Seroquel for me. It worked, but it took forever to fall asleep, and when I did I’d sleep until 12 or 1 in the afternoon. I’d be dopey for the rest of the day. Also, it came with some nasty side effects, one of them being sudden death from something called Long QT Syndrome. I was willing to die, in order to sleep. Another side effect was weight gain, and yes I gained. Can you imagine my absolute shock and amazement at sleeping? I have no explanation for it, but except for one night I have gone to bed and slept like a normal person ever since September 14. An absolute miracle and a very welcome one at that! A number of possibilities such as gluten sensitivity (I have given up carbs), blood sugar imbalances (already mentioned), elevated cortisol (usually from stress, of which I have had an abundance), Imbalanced neurotransmitters (cause problems with many things such as adrenaline, which I have trouble with due to PTSD), and apnea (which I still have), are described in this article.  The ones that stand out are the gluten sensitivity, and blood sugars since I have eliminated gluten and thereby also have brought my blood sugars into normal ranges. This following article speaks on Gluten and Sleep and mentions non-celiac gluten sensitivity being a possible culprit and I believe it applies to me. Whatever the reason, like I said; I no longer have insomnia. Hallelujah!
Today’s Stats
Calories: 911, Fat 76g, Carbs 16g, Protein 52g
Percentages: Fat 71%; Carbs 7%; Protein 22%

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