Friday, October 14, 2016

One Month and 12 Pounds Gone!

Weight Today. 204 Weight Lost Past 7 days: 2 Total Weight Loss: 12
Definitely bummed! I keep reading that I should quit counting calories and only count carbs. Last night I was feeling a little peckish and decided to have a no carb snack. I had 4 slices of dried sausage, about ¾ ounce of cheese and 4 olives. Today my weight is up. I only went 300 calories over my average weight! What am I doing wrong!!

Today is the start of month 2. When I started I created a goal of losing 25 lbs by the end of the year. I am still ahead of that goal, but so frustrated that I weigh the same as I did 6 days ago. I did go down to 202.5 but it has come up, gone done, come up. I will try to stay positive.

Why is my weight stagnant for past 6 days?
Here is the breakdown of my Fat, Protein, and Carbs so far for this month. As far as anything I know about low carb, I am doing everything right. Why haven’t I budged?

I have even lowered my protein from an average of 70g to 50g, so why doesn't it move?
Today I went shopping and purchased Bratwurst, Genoa, and Pepper sausages. Things I have avoided for years because I had believed fat was bad. In addition, 3 bags of crispy Pork Rinds. No, not to eat like potato chips, but to grind into crumbs and use for breading chops or chicken, and for toppings on casseroles. I also purchase the full coffee cream, and a container of whipping cream. OMG!! I love whipped cream and I’m so excited to not have it crossed off my list any longer. In addition, some more spices for my new recipes. I think I will have to spend a few hours reorganizing my spice cupboard.
Breakfast today was just a few slices of crispy fried bacon. I still have trouble eating breakfast after not doing so for 40+ years. Anyway, it was good for the fat content. Lunch was finger foods. Salamis, extra old cheddar cheese, olives. MMMMmmmm…I was in former no-no heaven! It all tastes so good.

There are so many reports and studies now that indicate that fat is no longer considered bad for you. See
An article from JAMA reported in Time Magazine 
So throw away your tubs of Becel. It’s been lies. Eat your butter and your bacon. It’s good for you.
For dinner I made beanless chili. I just threw some lean hamburger in a pan, added some tomato sauce which was low on carbs, a hot ‘n spicy chili mix, some garlic, fresh chopped mushrooms, and 2 tablespoons of sour cream that was all that remained in the carton. Nothing fancy at all, but it was perfect for this chilly, rainy day. I served it with some grated cheddar cheese. It filled the spot and tasted good.

So I enter my second month of low carb eating. How exciting. I will be excited to see what my bloodwork will show in 2 more months.

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