Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Pants Are Heading South This Winter!

Weight Today. 203.5 Weight Lost Past 7 days: 3.5 Total Weight Loss: 12

It’s another one of those “gain” days. It seems to happen every 3rd or 4th day, and then it plummets. It is apparently very normal and everything I’ve read admonishes us to to NOT get discouraged. If your KetoStick is purple, you are burning fat cells. The gain can be due to having more salt the day before and/or retaining some water. If you keep going up, then that is different. The solution is to up your fats, and cut back on protein. So far I have not had to do this.
HAHAHA! Yes, it is true! I’ve been hitching them up for the past two days as they keep falling down. To me it is interesting for one main reason. The last time I lost any significant weight it was 17 pounds. I took my measurements weekly. I measured my thighs, my hips, my waist, my bust, upper arm, and neck. The places I lost the most inches were in order: neck, bust, and thighs. I lost 1 inch on my hips, nothing on my belly. We made many a joke about my 3” neck loss. I was so disappointed. So, since I hit the 10 pound weight loss mark, I started to notice my pants were slipping down and I was hitching them up. I came across this video today which explains why I couldn’t lose belly fat, and why I am losing it know. I can vouch that it works. As soon as I put the fats up, or butter on the plate, my pounds just started to melt off. The title is hilarious and was the inspiration for my title today. “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off”. 
This morning my breakfast consisted of bacon fried up crispy in the microwave, eggs scrambled with butter and mushrooms, with melted cheddar cheese on top, and coffee with half and half cream. When the half and half is gone, I’m going full cream ahead!

Breakfast Calories: 299; Fat 186; carbs 20; Protein 93
Grams: Fat 21, Carbs 5, Protein 22
Percentages: Fat 62%; Carbs 7%; Protein 31%

Look like I’m on track for 60 – 70 Percent of calories being from fat.

One of the things I have had for some time is dry, cracking skin around my heels and callouses on my feet. I’ve soaked and oiled and filed.  In reading Dr. Bernstein’s book, I was surprised to discover that this too can be a sign of diabetes and/or insulin problems. Really? Huh? Well, that was news to me. It is because the nerves that control oil and moisture no longer work. You may even notice patches of scaly skin on other parts of your body, and guess what? I have! Don’t take my word for it, you can read about it on the American Diabetes Association page. And all the time I thought it was what happened when people got to me age. In the 3.5 weeks I have been following the diet, my dry heels have almost completely healed up. They are almost as soft as baby’s bottom. Not quite; but almost. I have pretty feet again. No more embarrassment wearing sandals. Just watch me next summer!
Lunch was a salmon filet, with a butter sauce with spices, and a cucumber slaw with oil, mayonnaise, sour cream, and spices. The fat is a little low so must get it up!!

A little dab of butter melting on top of the salmon

Lunch Calories: 291
Grams: Fat 15g, Protein 25g, Carbs 3g
Percentage: Fat 46%, Protein 45%, Carbs 45%

Dinner was the rest of the Pork and Shrimp Stir Fry from last night. I added more green salsa, cream and butter and served it with a seasoned green bean salad with an oil and vinegar dressing.  My totals for the whole day:

Calories: 907, Fat 60g, Carbs 21g, Protein 71g
Percentages: Fat 58%; Carbs 9%, Protein 33%

Hurray! I got my carbs under 30 at last. I think I can tweak a little more by cutting the protein lower and upping the fats. Still, I’m on track. I’m low on calories yet so may have some blanched almonds or some cheese for an evening snack.

I’m hoping some experts will find my blog and comment, and provide advice, encouragement, or their words of wisdom. 

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