Thursday, October 13, 2016

Goodbye GERD

Weight Today. 203 Weight Lost Past 7 days: 2.5 Total Weight Loss: 12.5
I seem to be on a stall. Discouraging, but I have been losing an average of 3.7 pounds a week, so not surprising that is has slowed. I don’t think anyone can keep losing at that rate for an extended period of time. I feel like having a sandwich, but I won’t.

Reminder to myself!
29 days on a Low Carb High Fat Diet and I notice my reflux is pretty much gone. I haven’t taken my Nexium in the past two weeks. Did I have reflux because of my diet or because of my diabetes which said to affect the entire GI tract. There is also something called gastroparesis which is a condition which slows the emptying of the stomach, and at night results in reflux. A common condition in diabetics. So what made it go away? I don’t know for sure but I believe it is the diet. High blood sugars can damage the vagus nerve which controls the muscles that make the stomach work. Carbs cause your blood sugar to spike, so therefore; it makes perfect sense that if your blood sugar is kept where it should be, then your vagus nerves will work as they should. Whatever the reason I am so thrilled that that horrid reflux is pretty much gone. There is nothing worse than waking up and choking on pure stomach acid that burns like fire. Or worse, aspirating it and choking and choking and choking with the most intense burning. It is wonderful to lay flat in bed and not have to sleep in an almost upright position. I am finding many positives of eating in this manner.
No cooking today! I have leftovers from yesterday. One of the benefits for me, is using my leftovers. In my old way of eating, often the leftovers would get chucked, because it was so much easier to throw in a pizza, or make a sandwich in order not to have to eat the leftovers. Cooking and eating healthier takes a little more time, so now I look forward to a leftover day. Weird huh? Maybe it is because the food tastes so much better with the butters, creams, and cheeses. Whatever it is, I am glad that I don’t have to cook today. Hubby is going out so it’s just me. I was just thinking that a can of tuna was never enough to feed two people before. I’d use one can and make two sammies. Both for me. Those 4 slices of bread had at least 60g of carbs. That is 2 days worth of carbs for me now, and it comes from processed grains, and not healthy veggies. That seems insane to me now, and it is. Yet the CDA and ADA still recommends grains in their diabetic diets. As Dr. Richard Bernstein says, it is killing diabetics to eat this way. It ensures that our diabetes will progress and get worse. It confirms that diabetes can be a death sentence, but if we cut the carbs, we can reverse that dire sentence. We have been so deceived and lied to. England and Sweden  are among the countries that are changing their recommendations for diabetics to Low Carb High Fat, and I’m sure others will follow. There are so many new medical studies that confirm this. Dr. Trudi Deakin, a nutrionist has an excellent article on this eating lifestyle and her diet consists of 82% Fat per day, and she is healthy! The only reason NOT to follow it is so the drug companies can make more money on insulin, drugs, needles, and testing equipment. I don’t care about them, I care about me and my health and longevity and you should too. Rant over.
Today’s Breakdown
Fat: 75g; Carbs 26g; Protein 61g
Percentages: Fat 66%; Carbs 9%; Protein 25%

It looks good for weight loss and controlling blood sugars. I’ll keep plodding and hope the needle moves tomorrow.

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