Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fats Up, Carbs Down

Weight Today. 203 Weight Lost Past 7 days: 4.5 Total Weight Loss: 12.5

I am really amazed at how my body is changing, and so quickly. There are testimonials all over the internet about the success of Low Carb High Fat diets and it looks like I may join their ranks. I feel satisfied with the amount of food I eat and I am not hungry and hour or two later. I find that I may put a portion of food on my plate and then when I look at it, decide it is really too much for the level of hunger I feel, and put some back. This has never happened before in the entire history of my dieting. In fact, many left me so hungry I would have ate the plate had it been edible!
I woke up early today (7 am) and hopped out of bed ready to face my day. I started by frying two eggs in butter, adding an ounce of cheddar cheese to melt into gooey goodness and finished with a tablespoon of medium hot salsa on top. Of course I had my cup of java with the half and half cream which will soon be replaced with the full version. I need to make a shopping list of my new spices.

For lunch I made tuna cakes for the first time in my life. I have only ever had tuna in sandwiches and salad before. I used Leeann Teagno’s recipe “Crispy Tuna Cakes with Spicy Dijon Aioli” for my inspiration. I had to modify it as I didn’t have all the ingredients she used. I did not use the pork rinds as none were in my cupboard. I only had the small cans of tuna so I cut everything in half. I didn’t know how to cut an egg in half and was out of egg white so I used a tablespoon of cream instead. No onions in the house as Dr. Bernstein said to use them only in tiny amounts if you are diabetic so I used ¼ tsp. of onion powder. Did not have parsley or tarragon so I omitted them and I fried in butter. For the aoli I substituted rice wine vinegar for the apple cider vinegar and it tasted quite fine. It made two good sized patties, so I have lunch for tomorrow in the fridge. They did want to stick and fall apart, so maybe next time I will use some egg white, or add some coconut flour to the mix. I served it on a bed of lettuce and shredded cucumbers. Deee-lish!

Even though there are two here, hubby and I had one each.
One Patty, half the aoli, and the salad
Calories 289; Fat 21g, Carbs 7, Protein 17g
Percentages: Fat 66%, Carbs 9%, Protein 24%
I spent some time looking for low carb ideas for thickeners and came across Carbquik Baking Mix. . The link is to the Canadian site as I live in Canada, but it is also available on the US site. It looks promising with only 2 g of carbs in 1/3 cup. The reviews are also good. I can’t wait to try some biscuits or dumplings! There are moments when I would like something to sop up the sauce on my plate. I really could have used a biscuit when I made my beanless chili last week. I have placed my order and now the anticipation of its arrival.
I was not in the cooking mood come dinner tonight, but gone are the old days of throwing on some KD, or making pasta. I had some stir fried beef strips thawed out so I put some butter in a pan and fried them up, added some garlic and mushrooms, sour cream and some cheese. A rather quick and easy stroganoff and it tasted great. Next time I would add some onions or onion powder and maybe some cayenne or paprika, but all in all it was good.

How have I done today?
Calories: 1126 - more than a hundred over my usual
Fat 83g; Carbs 27g; Protein 69
Fat 66%; Carbs 9%; Protein 26%

I would say it’s a successful day. I got my fats over 60% and my carbs are under 30g. Hurray. I should be in a strong ketosis state.

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