Friday, October 7, 2016

Diabetes Enters My Life

September 13, 2016. A day the air got sucked out of the little examination room at my doctor’s office. He looked at me and pronounced to me and the oxygen filled room, “You have diabetes.” Three little words that took the air not only out of the room, but out of my lungs. Huh. Well, that’s great. Wow. I was dazed and confused. I felt panic and fear. The biggest fear was losing my sight. Oh, I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that diabetics also had problems with their feet, and sometimes had amputations, but I also knew they could lose their sight, and that thought scared me more than anything else. Like, how would I knit or crochet? How could I paint? How could I do my writing and my research? Oh my goodness, my head was spinning faster than the room was spinning. I wanted it to go away, to unhear the words just spoken, and to change the results of my 24 hour fasting glucose test. But darn, we just don’t get do overs.

After that initial stunned feeling of shock, I decided to learn everything I could about diabetes and what I discovered really made me angry. First, I googled diabetes and read the American Diabetes Association pages, the Canadian Diabetes Association pages, and many other pages devoted to the disease. I went out and purchase the Canadian Diabetes Guidebook. I was discouraged and hated the thought of having to eventually go to insulin injections and to have this disease which it seemed would keep slowly progressing until it could take my sight, my limbs and eventually my life, through kidney failure, heart attack or stroke. I hated the betrayal of my body.

Then, I found hope. I found mention of Dr. Richard Bernstein, a diabetologist; who had documented and written books about his struggle with Type 1 Diabetes. What he went through and his struggles to comply with the standards of diabetes management was killing him. It is not my story to tell but you can read about him here. I purchased his book for my Kindle and read it cover to cover. I can honestly say that I did not understand all of it, but what I did learn was that carbs had been causing me trouble for a very long time, and would, in fact; likely take my life too if I didn’t change things. I didn’t just take his word for it, as I am somewhat obsessive and compulsive about things; but found other doctors and hospitals that believe as he does. Reputable people. Dr. Steve Parker and his KMD (Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet) and Dr. Jay Wortman. Numerous studies published in Medical Journals are also available on the internet. So armed with this knowledge I have set out to change the way I eat.

I plan to share my progress, and recipes, and I am hopeful that as the evidence shows, I can turn this diagnosis around. I have some catching up to do as I started almost a month ago and lots has happened since then.

On Sept 14, 2016 I weighed 215.5 lbs. I am female and 5 ft. 7 in. Obese by anyone’s standards, with a BMI of 33.75. I cannot bear to take my body measurements. Next post will tell of my attempts and failures to bring my weight down.

My lunch today will be eggs fried in butter with cheese, 7 cherry tomatoes and a big piece of cauliflower for some crunch. Best of all, cream in my coffee. Goodbye skim and 2% milk!
Butter. No longer my enemy!

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