Monday, October 10, 2016

Carb Dreams

Weight loss: 1.5 lb Weight Loss This Week 4 lbs. Total Weight Loss: 13 lbs
So, last night I had carb eating dreams. HAHAHA! Just like the drinking dreams I used to have when I quit drinking back in 1989 but that’s another story. Yes, I dreamt I was at a lunch counter for lunch. It was one of those places where you slide your tray down the line and pick up what you want. Guess what I picked up? A hot dog in a bun, AND a toasted bacon and tomato sandwich. I woke up almost in a cold sweat and thought, “What they heck?”. I fell back asleep and went through the same line up and picked up the same items again, but this time, I got to eat them. What is really weird is that in my real live walk around every day sort of life, I would NEVER eat a hot dog. I don’t like weiners. YUCK! The bacon and tomato sandwich I get, but a hotdog? Come on dream brain, you can do better than that! If I have to dream carbs, make it pyroghies, borscht with its list of no’s like beets, carrots, pea, beans, or cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and meat, or dishes or pasta, or lasagna. Well, at least it was just a dream and that weiner did not actually pass my lips, nor the carbs, and I’m still on track.
 I have been surfing the net looking for low carb recipes and Holy Dinah there are a lot! Best of all they are not that difficult and most use ingredients that you have around the house. What you will need to do is buy some low carb friendly flours like coconut, soy, or almond flours. I have purchased the coconut and almond flours but haven’t really used them yet. I did try the coconut flour to thicken a sauce but it didn’t work so well. It thickened after it cooled and not when the sauce was hot. Perhaps I needed more but I was reluctant since I was still in my old habit of counting calories as opposed to counting carbs. I have to work on changing that way of thinking. I have been reluctant to try the soy flour as my forays into soy milk didn’t go so well and I really didn’t like it or tofu, after my pathetic attempts to incorporate it into my diet. Some people reviewing the soy flour says it has an aftertaste they didn’t like. I will try it at some point so I can give it a fair evaluation. Also, Xanthum Gum for thickening sauces is also recommend but with some caution. Guess it takes a little trial and error as adding to much makes a gelatinous goo, and too little won’t thicken.  I will get some next month. But heck, why is this stuff so expensive! Yet I am getting used to sauces made with butter and cream and I think I like them almost as much as my gravies I thought I would miss, so perhaps it won’t be that much of an issue.
I will have to restock or reinvent my spice cabinet as I use more than I ever have in the past. Some that I thought I didn’t like, I actually do. It seems that the butters really make the flavors pop and open up a new flavor experience. I have a whole new and tasty world to discover as my palate evolves.
I went to the store and bought some KetoSticks to test my urine for ketones. They cost $7.50 for a box of 50. Not too pricey. They would confirm whether or not I am eating properly (the right ratios of fat, protein, and carbs) to go into ketosis, which means my body is burning my stored fat for energy. So in essence, you pee on the stick, or dip it in urine you have collected, and wait 15 seconds. YES! It was positive at 60 mg. Not the highest which is 80 mg, but second. Hurray! Bye-bye fat cells! Hope I never see you again. It has NOT been fun knowin’ ya. You were like a guest that came for dinner and would not go away. You can read all about this process on the Diet Doctor’s Ketogenic Low Carb Diet page.

It's an easy day in the kitchen today. I had the leftover soup from yesterday with 3 slices of old fashioned ham. The soup was even better second time around. Dinner was a “fly by the seat of my pants” meal. No recipe, but I used the leftover pork steak from last night which weighed 6.5 ounces and the left over sauce. I sliced the pork thin, cooked up some cauliflower, added 3 ounces of shrimp and a sundried tomato and fried it up like a stir-fry. I served it with a side tossed salad made with a leaf and half of Romaine, and 3/4 to 1 ounce of celery, tomotoes, and cucumbres with the oil and vinegar with oil and vinegar dressing. Oh it was so good. The stir-fry was big enough for 3 servings, so I have on serving left over for tomorrow. 
My versions of a Surf n Turf Pork. I used the left over pork from yesterday
(3.75 oz.), sliced thinly, 1.5 oz shrimp, some sundried tomatoes, 3.5 oz precooked
cauliflower, and tossed with the leftover Creamy Green Salsa Lemon
Cilantro Sauce from yesterday. A small green salad on the side.
Hubby pronounced it good! 
Calories per serving for the whole plate: 315, Fat 17g, Carbs, 8
Percentages: Fat 55%; Protein 31%; Carbs 13%

Not bad, but my fats should be up around 60 - 70%. Nevertheless, I think I am doing well and I will take a bow for today. We shall see what the scales show tomorrow!

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